Donnerstag, 4. Juli 2013

Billy Wilder on...

... Austria:
As someone told me, they're absolute geniuses the Austrains. They have suceeded to convince the world that Hitler was German and Beethoven was Austrian.

... Cinema/Movies:
I don't do cinema. I make movies.

I was once asked: is it necessary for a director to know how to write? The answer is: No, it is not necessary for a director to know how to write, however, it helps if he knows how to read.

The audience:
If you have a picture that really works and you feel that you got the audiences by the, um, by the throat, and that's not very often, that's why I say if you got them by the throat, don't let it go, just squeeze more and get 'em by the gut and stab 'em, because they're such bastards.

Being a director:

It's not a profession for a dignified human being... If I had a son I would beat him with a very large whip, trying to make a gardener, a dentist or something else out of him.

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